Owning Up To Our Responsibility

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Every year, as April rolls around, the temperate world hopes and dreams for the flowers to bloom, the sun to shine warmth and happiness on us, the planet to renew itself and go from muddy browns and greys to brilliant greens, yellows, pinks and every other color of the rainbow.

And then it snows…again.

Oh yeah….we don’t live in a world that abides by our calendar of when the seasons should change. But then again, that’s kinda our fault, isn’t it?

It’s time we took some responsibility and attempted to fix some of our mess! Eco-friendly isn’t a term that just applies to the products we use, though that is very important and something we take pretty seriously at Jade Lilly, but it’s a term that applies to how we live our lives. You can make a huge impact by making small changes in the way you live, your habits and your mindset.

Earth Day is April 22. It’s just another day on the calendar; I know…I get it, it’s not huge on many people’s radar. But you have a choice…you can look at it like just another day or you could embrace it and look at it as a chance at redemption for all the not so environmentally awesome stuff we’ve done over the years (anyone remember how much aerosol hairspray we went through in our teens?)

Let’s look at it as an opportunity to undo some of the bad, educate the next generation (as well as every other generation that needs a reminder) and make a conscious effort to lay the groundwork to make the world a better place. Lofty goals, but hey, we owe it to the Earth!

Lots of small things add up to great big things and great big things change the world.

I’m an idealist…I know that and I own it. I’m also a hippy and I own that too. But this is more than an idealist dream….it’s our responsibility. With the rainforests dwindling, more and more species of plants and animals going extinct, the weather patterns and sea levels a mess, pollution and illness rampant…it’s time. We seriously need to make some changes and the best place to start is with ourselves. They don’t have to be huge, life altering changes…small things will do. Lots of small things add up to great big things and great big things change the world. So make the small changes! We can handle some small changes, can’t we? (You should be shouting out an enthused YES right about now!)

So I'm challenging to own up to your responsibility; be the change you want to see.

Here’s how this will work. I’ll share things we can start this month for Earth Day. Try out the changes, see what works for you and then continue the changes that you can manage going forward. My suggestions will be lots of small changes you can make…in your house, in your life, in what you teach you family, and in how you think. Baby steps. Simple enough, right?

 Are you ready?

I’ll be posting here on the blog and continuing the conversation/idea sharing in the Facebook group. Have you joined yet!? If not, go join now!  .

Comment below with one thing you’d like to change in your life to help the planet or an area you’d like me to suggest ideas on. This is going to be fun, educational and you’re going to feel so good doing it! J

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