11 Simple Ways to Reduce Your Impact On the Earth

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There are so many things we can do reduce our impacts on the Earth but it's often overwhelming and can feel like too much or not enough to make a difference. I know the feeling, but really, every little bit each and every one of us does can only help. Here's a good list to start with...make some changes, then when those feel normal, make some more! Baby steps :) 

  1. SHOP LOCAL: Buy as much locally made as you can. Find a local farmer's market to get your fruits and veggies, seek out locally produced foods and goods, buy as much made in you local town, state, country as possible.  The carbon footprint of locally purchased products is smaller than something that has to be imported or travel a long distance to get to you. 

  2. PASS THINGS ON INSTEAD OF PASSING THEM INTO LANDFILLS: Hand down or donate clothes, blankets, toys, household items and more. Have a garage sale, use sites and apps like craigslist, offerup, and more to pass items along. Or find a new use for them! Reusing or passing on items means less in the landfill.

  3. CHOOSE REUSABLE OVER DISPOSABLE: Though the temptation to not have to do dishes after a party or dinner is sooo appealing, don’t resort to disposable dishware, cups and flatware. Use the real stuff, then throw it in the dishwasher! So much better for the environment and classy too! 

  4. EAT VEGETARIAN FOR A DAY (OR MORE): Go vegetarian at least once a week (more than that is even better!) Meat production has a huge impact on the environment and even cutting it out one day a week can go a long way to helping ease the strain.

  5. UNPLUG - TURNING THINGS OFF IS JUST NOT ENOUGH: Unplug appliances, computers, chargers, etc that are not being used. Even when off, being plugged in leads to a dribble of energy that can add up over time. Or use a smart power strip that can cut the power completely.

  6. SHARE RIDES: Carpool when you need to get somewhere regular (like work, school, activities, classes) and walk or ride a bike as much as possible (good for your body too!) Not only does this impact your footprint on the environment, it saves money (less gas and tolls!) and turns ordinary drives into an opportunity to be social!

  7. PLAN ERRAND RUNS...SAVE MONEY & TIME + HELP THE EARTH: Plan errands so you can accomplish more than one thing in a trip. Stop at the bank on the way to the grocery store…the more you can get done in one trip, the better! Saves loads of time and money too!

  8. SAVE PAPER: Print on both sides of the paper. Or use paper that was only printed on one side as scrap paper or for the kids to draw/color on. Share magazines amongst friends or read online. And, of course, RECYCLE!

  9. INVEST IN WATER BOTTLES YOU CAN REFILL: Use a reusable water bottle rather than disposable water bottles. Why keep adding to landfills with empty bottles when you can just refill one you love? There are so many great options out there...get a few!

  10. START A GARDEN: Grow your own food, fresh flowers, whatever your heart desires! Not only will you be creating a more sustainable lifestyle for your family, you will be help increase the oxygen produced in your corner of the world and creating a home for lots of creatures that need it. No space? Grow potted plants in a window or balcony! Or join a community farm.

  11. Use a lid on pots and pans when cooking to conserve heat/energy. In fact, when boiling pasta, once the water is boiling, turn it off and cover it! It will still cook the pasta and you saved energy!

 These are just 10 simple ideas...there is so much more we can all do! Imagine a world in which we all start implementing simple lifestyle changes like these...the world would be a much nicer place to live! 

What other things do you do or ideas do you have? Share them below or get to our facebook group and share there so we can discuss!
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