Where does the Jade Lilly name come from?

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When I started making the products that launched Jade Lilly, I didn’t have a name (obviously, as it wasn’t yet a business, just something I was doing for my family.) It soon became apparent that this was going to be more than just me making body and skin care in my kitchen for the family and in order to be a proper company, I’d need a proper name. (It is still me making body and skin care in my kitchen but now it's for everyone!)

I remember naming my kids. The difficulty in naming them wasn’t that I couldn’t find names I liked or that hubby liked, it was in trying to make sure that the name would be special, fitting for this unknown as of yet child, timeless and just plain perfect for our perfect baby. With both of my babies, when the right name came to us, I knew it…it clicked.

It wasn’t so different naming a company either, though different things had to be taken into consideration. I wanted a timeless name, something classy and beautiful, yet earthy and natural. Something that was sentimental to me; this business I was pouring my heart and soul into couldn’t bear a generic or cold name. It had to mean something to me. It was to be my business identitiy...it was a very important decision.

When Jade Lilly came to us, I knew it was right. It was perfect…it embodied the 2 people that inspired the whole thing!

Jade represents my son Jaiden. I started making these products for him because commercial products weren’t doing his skin any favors. Had he not needed something new that worked for him, I might not be here at all.

Lilly is for my daughter Ariyana. I have called her Lilly since she was a baby, an evolution of “little one.” She inspired me to try making more things, and to experiment with scents, colors and textures. She loves lotions and cosmetics. Keeping her supplied in fun scents and flavors while keeping to safe, healthy ingredients was the inspiration I needed to keep making and experimenting. Many of my products have come directly from her need to have something. For example, Jade Lilly Tinted Lip Shimmers were created because, for her 7th birthday, Lilly wanted lipstick. I wasn't about to let her have that but it inpsired me to make a tinted lip balm in pretty shimmery, sheer colors that she could use when she wanted to dress up. 

Throughout this blog, you'll probably hear a lot about Jade and Lilly. These 2 are my everything and almost everything in my life somehow comes back to them, including my business. I hope you don't mind! :) 

Check in tomorrow to learn a little about who I am and the story of how Jade Lilly got started!

Thanks for reading! 

PS: In case you wanted to check out the Lip Shimmers Lilly inspired or the Whipped Body Butters Jade inspired, you can see them here:

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Very cute! It’s interesting to see where the inspiration comes from!

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