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If you google “Will water improve my skin?”, you will find lots and lots of articles and posts offering you answers to this question….the problem is, the articles are often contradicting one another! You will find those that claim that “yes it absolutely improves skin to drink more water!” and you’ll find those that claim, “Water has to go through the bodies systems and finally end up hydrating cells; it doesn’t make a difference to the appearance of skin.” Which one is right?

Well…there is no definitive answer. There isn’t much research on whether or not water will actually improve skin. Not many companies are willing to fund research to find this answer; after all, they can’t patent water! But if you consider that skin is in large part made up of water, it can’t hurt to drink more and reap the health benefits while hoping to get some skin benefits! I mean, it can’t hurt, right?

Drinking water has a lot of great health benefits for humans. It is absolutely essential to our lives; in fact, you can’t live for more than a few days without it!

So many of us are dehydrated and don’t even know it! Do you drink 8-10 glasses of water a day? Or half your body weight in ounces? Drinking water has been attributed to more energy, weight loss, fewer headaches, decreased appetite (especially for things like sugars and caffeine), mental clarity and focus and so much more! I know when I drink a lot of water, I feel better for sure. It makes a major impact on my day.

For me, like many, drinking enough water is sometimes hard to do throughout the day. We’re so busy that drinking water just ends up not being a priority. Sound familiar? So what I do for that is use a 32 ounce bottle of water and fill it in the morning and make myself finish it by lunch. I refill it at lunch and make myself finish it by dinner. Then at dinner, I refill and drink as much as I need before I go to sleep. It makes me feel more accountable to myself to be able to track it like that.

As far as if I feel it helps with skin, I believe it just might! My skin is always in better shape when I’m hydrated. My horrible dark under eye circles are less pronounced and the skin on my face is less dry. I know this because I notice I need less Face Oil to keep it hydrated and can often move from Replenish Face Oil for dry to normal skin to Nourish Face Oil for normal skin. My lips also feel more hydrated even before I put on my Lip Butter or Lip Shimmer. I notice I don’t lick my lips as often.

For me, it’s a pretty big difference but when I’m not drinking water purposefully, I get maybe 20-25 ounces a day and when I’m watching it, my intake is close to 100 ounces…BIG difference.

It really is a good idea to start drinking more water regardless of why you do it. For your skin, for your health, for the energy, clarity, refreshment….doesn’t matter, just drink it! Don’t go to sodas, coffee/teas, juices….water is essential and it’s pure. Drink it straight and you’ll learn to love it. I used to hate the taste of plain water and now that’s ALL I drink.

Ironically, my skin and body products are almost all devoid of water! Stay tuned to learn why! :) 

Carrie June 18, 2015

I mainly only drink water (coffee in the morning, but water the rest of the day), but still find I have to remind myself to drink enough. I always feel better when I do, though. Especially with the warmer summer temps now, water is such an important part of feeling good and vibrant each day!