6 Reasons Jade Lilly Body Balm is the ONE you’ve been looking for!

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Jade Lilly Body Balm


When I think of Body Balm I think of a jar of a beautiful butter that leaves me in a very blissful place. My perfect body balm should be decadent, creamy and smooth, and totally, unbelievably, sinfully luxurious. It should smell amazing, taking me to another place or moment and suit my mood perfectly.

The perfect body balm should also do incredible amazing things to my skin; my skin should feel smooth and soft, like a baby’s. It should last a long time on my skin too; no one likes to keep reapplying, especially me! Who has time for that! And it shouldn’t be greasy. My perfect body balm should sink into my skin like a perfect nourishing ninja that shows up, does its job and then goes off into the sunset.

Yup…I just compared my body balm to a ninja…hubby loves it even more now!

Oh yeah…I said 5 reasons Jade Lilly Body Balm is the ONE you’ve been looking for. (I’m going to assume here that what you are looking for is what I was looking for in my perfect body balm.)

Jade Lilly Body Balm has some pretty cool features that set it apart from what you might be used to in a body butter or balm.

So here we go…5 reasons:

  1. It feels amazing. I’ve combined 9 incredible oils and butters to give you the perfect feel…it’s light and easy to apply, goes on smooth as…well, butter, and sinks in incredibly quickly, leaving you with well-nourished but not grease covered skin.

  2. Body Balm does not contain any water or water based ingredients. This means that you are getting a VERY concentrated product. When body butter contain water, they are generally comprised of 20-30% oils and butters and the rest if water, preservative, and emulsifier. Preservatives and emulsifiers can be harsh and are def. not natural so they don’t get included in my products. Though water is great for your skin, you can apply Body Balm on damp skin and utilize the awesome occlusive properties to lock the water in, keeping your skin extra hydrated. 

  3. Jade Lilly Body Balm is made of a combination of primarily unrefined and organic oils and butters. What does this mean to you? Well, simply that the ingredients that make up my Body Balm are pure plant oils and butters, in the best state they could be; they have retained their natural vitamins and minerals. I don’t skimp and use a tiny but of the best stuff while the majority of your product is filler either. Mango butter, shea butter, coconut oil, cocoa butter, jojoba oil…these ingredients make up the bulk of my butters. We also include calendula and vitamin E in our Body Balm; both incredible for your skin’s health. Many commercial brands use mineral oils, silicones and other synthetic ingredients in their butters. We prefer what nature has provided, in the form nature has provided it.

  4. As good as it will feel to apply Jade Lilly Body Balm, you won’t need to keep applying! This amazing butter sinks in and stays there; often even after washing! With water based butters and lotions, you often have to reapply because the water evaporates from your skin and since that was what was giving you the most hydrated feeling, you feel you need more. Since we don’t have any water in ours and the amazing feeling you get is from the fabulous oils and butters, you won’t need to keep applying…but you might do it anyway because it feels so good!

  5. Jade Lilly Body Balm smell incredible. There is such a variety of scents, everyone will find one (or more!) that they love. Our scents are created in a couple different ways. We have essential oil and natural fragrance scents that are made with, you guessed it, essential oils and natural fragrances! Body Balms with these scents are 100% natural. We also have scents made with phthalate free fragrances. These are usually a combination of natural fragrances, essential oils and man-made fragrances. Certain scents are just not possible to recreate with natural ingredients. The fragrances are free of phthalates. Wondering what phthalates are? Well, they are a nasty kind of chemical that disrupt hormones and cause all kinds of bad things in our bodies. They are found in most traditional fragrances. The butters made with these fragrances are 98% natural.

    Every scent on our website will tell you which type of fragrance it is and every product will tell you the percentage natural (Everything is 100% natural aside from the things that are scented with these phthalate free fragrances.)

  6. Jade Lilly Body Balms are Vegan & Cruelty Free! We don't test on animals nor do we use any animal derived ingredients. We love animals too much and feel this is an important part of being earth friendly.

There you have it…6 reasons why Jade Lilly Body Balm is the best! Are you ready to try? For a limited time, I'm offering you, my incredible readers, a special coupon on body balms! Use code mpbb61915 to get 15% off your perfect body balm or mpbbt1915 for body balm trio. But be quick...these codes will expire at the end of this month (June 30th,2015 11:59pm cst) Get to shopping and thank you for reading! 





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