Foot Soaks: Tired Feet Need A Little Extra Love

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I just spend the last 7 hours walking around the zoo with my family. We all gathered there to celebrate my nephew’s first birthday. I had a wonderful time with everyone, my kids had a ton of fun and it was a great day outdoors. But, my feet are not happy right now! My hubby’s pedometer tells me we walked roughly 8 miles. Not too shabby…a bit more than I anticipated and planned for, but hey, we can all use more walking. Days like this are when my feet need a little more attention than normal.

Foot soaks are my go to for tired feet after days like this. It is such a pampering and satisfying thing to do and it doesn’t take too much work or effort to do it (Little effort is totally key at times like this…when you feel tired and your feet hurt, the last thing you want to do is to have to put forth a lot of effort to do something to alleviate it!)

Going to a spa for something like this is not a great option for me because it requires going out. I’m not about to put my feet back into shoes for ANYTHING. When my feet are tired, I want to do a foot soak NOW and I don’t want to move off my couch for more than the couple minutes it’ll take to fill my tub. Plus, I'd be broke sooner than later if I went to spas for foot soaks and treatments everytime they were sore! 

So by now you might be wondering how to do these amazing foot soaks that take so little effort…well let me tell you!

  1. FILL YOUR FOOT SOAK TUB: I bought some lovely dish pans from the dollar store. They are the PERFECT size for my feet to fit in very comfortably. I fill my lovely dishpan with hot water. I use very hot water because I can handle it but just make sure your water is just a little hotter than you need (it will cool off) and put your feet in slowly so you don’t get burned.

  2. ADD YOUR AWESOME INGREDIENTS: I add salts to my soaks…my feet, when tired, tend to swell. This helps a lot. I use a variety of salts, usually mixed with Epsom. Dead sea salts or sea salt are a good options or you can go with all epsom. About a half a cup of salt should be good. Dump it into your tub of hot water.
    I then add some oils. You can skip this step if you want, I love a calming or rejuvinating scent so for me this is important. I usually go with lavender or ylang ylang to relax or eucalyptus, lavender and peppermint to rejuvenate. A couple drops in the hot water is all you need. You can also add it to some coconut or other carrier oil to add some more moisturizing aspects to your foot soak.

  3. GET YOUR SOAK ON: Get your footsies in there and sit back and relax. I leave them in there for around 20 minutes. Keep a towel nearby so that you can take your feet out and dry them rather than leaving wet footprints all over the floor as you look for a towel (ask me why I remember this tip!)

  4. MOISTURIZE/MASSAGE: Finally, I apply my Happy Feet Butter to my not-so-tired-anymore feet and go on with my night. I take my time with this…massage any remaining soreness out and really focus on the different parts of my feet.

And that, my friends, is how I foot soak!

Do you have any suggestions or recipes you like for foot soaks? I’d love to hear them! Comment below!

Goodnight all! I’m off to start my soak and then hit the sack. It’s been a long day and tomorrow is Father’s Day so I need to be ready to get up early to help the kiddos with breakfast for Papa!



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