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Today I am thankful and grateful

I’m sitting here at the end of a long day thinking about what to write to you all; we’re 8 days into this challenge and I’ve been doing a lot of brainstorming to decide on good content to share with you.

But today, Father’s Day, I can only think about how lucky I am and how grateful. I have the most wonderful father; he raised me to be an independent, caring, and compassionate person. He is always there for me, pushes me and, and even though he will never say it, loves me. I got lucky, very, very lucky in the kind of father I got to grow up with. He sacrifices everything for me and my sister and never ever thinks twice about it. And now he does that for my kids and husband too. I hope that I can make him proud and be the woman he wants me to be. I pray we can be the kind of parents they were to me and my sister.

But I hit gold twice.

Not only did I get lucky with my father, I got lucky with my children’s father; my hubby. I can’t get over how incredible he is with our monkeys. The silly things he does to make our daughter laugh when she’s feeling down and the fact that he carried her all day today as we walked the Riverwalk and went paddle boating after lunch, and all because her little feet were hurting from her new shoes. How he is consciously teaching my son how to be a gentleman and hold the door for the ladies and how he would coach a sport he has never played or has any knowledge of just because his son wants to play.

I'm lucky…truly lucky because these two men have done so much to shape my life. I couldn’t have asked for any better influences. I honestly would not be who I am without them and Jade Lilly would not be here without their support.

So I'm saying thank you. Thank you, Dad. Thank you, Hubby. I love you both ad appreciate everything you do for me. 

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