What's Happening in the Workshop Today: Sick Day Accomplishments

Posted by Neha Chokshi on

Even on sick days, entrepreneurs have to keep working. Today, Lilly was sick. And as much as I would have loved to have taken a sick day with her, someone has to run Jade Lilly and since that’s my job, I still have to work.

Lucky for me, I work from home. So as Lilly slept on the couch, I was able to make 2 loaves of soap, make a batch of Exfoliating Cleaner, and make several Shimmer Bars. These were so fun! I had sparkles everywhere and it made me happy...I am so excited to see what the little girls at tomorrow's trunk show think about them! I kept trying them on me, for testing purposes of course!) Pretty productive, if I say so myself! I think having limited ability to work made me hustle even more than normal! 

In between making these products, I cuddled and watched a movie with baby girl. Then, she and I brainstormed on what new products she would like to see Jade Lilly offer and, surprise, surprise, everything she wanted was either glitter or makeup oriented!

We had stopped into Sephora yesterday while we waited for a table for lunch and her eyes nearly bugged out of her head looking at all the eye shadow colors. Needless to say, she went to lunch with no less than 4 different colors on her face.

So, according to my baby girl who is growing up far too fast, my next projects should include more colors of Lip Shimmer (“Lots of pinks mommy, and more shimmer…lots more shimmer please!”), and lots of eye shadows in, you guessed it… shimmery, sparkly colors, especially pinks.

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