Who says networking can't be fun and relaxing?

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Food, wine, good conversation, cool products….what does this sound like? A good and productive time, that’s what!

Tonight, I participated in a trunk show with two other mommies that have their own businesses. My friend Holly, who also hosted this event, has amazingly adorable clothes for little girls. (Adore) My new friend Lori has the most adorable little hair bows, the cutest headbands and gorgeous kids jewelry. (OMBead) And, of course, I have my fantastic natural skin and body care products!

We all got together at this event, invited our friends and set up our wares for an evening that was relaxing and yet, still productive. We shared our offerings with each other’s friends while snacking on yummies. We had an opportunity to share our experiences as a momtrepreneur with each other and pass tips back and forth. We ended up planning more future events too. Successful evening I think!

I’ve done a lot of networking events, lots of networking meetings, lunches, whatever as well as many vendor events, craft shows, shopping events at places like bars, hotels, restaurants, and parks. This type though, at a home, small and personal, is my favorite type. People have a chance to get to know one another and the event is more about friendship than selling each other. It was no pressure, fun and everyone got to try things, which usually doesn't happen at networking events or shows. Everyone there used my hand scrub and got to select a body butter on their freshly scrubbed hands. They loved it!

I absolutely think this is something we will be doing again.

Do you want to be invited? 

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