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Lately, my hubby has taken to calling me Iza. For those don't get the reference, Iza is a character in a book called Clan of the Cave Bear. She was a medicine woman that was very knowledgeable with herbs and could use them to treat illness and injury. 

Now, I'm not that knowledgeable (yet) but making my own skincare has definently stirred a desire to learn more. And there are more and more moments in our daily lives when I catch myself saying, "Oh! This herb can help with that! The flowers from this plant are great for this!" One of those days was yesterday, though the knowledge of this particular treatment came from my own mother. 


Yesterday, I was doing the dishes and I picked up a mug to clean out. In an instant, something as mundane as doing dishes became a moment to blog about.

The handle of the mug broke off somehow, it cut my hands in a number of places, and then the blood start. Most of the cuts weren't too bad; in fact, I didn't notice most of them right away. Mainly because the one big cut was keeping my attention...I got a nasty cut on the hand, under the thumb that was bleeding profusely. 

I didn't want to alarm the kids so I kept it under running water and asked my son to go into my spice drawer and get me the container of turmeric. I do a lot of Indian cooking and turmeric is a staple in my house so I had a small bowl with a little left in it in my drawer. I asked Jade to add a couple drops of water to it and mix. He, thinking I was crazy but still willing to do what mommy says, went along with it. When I took the paste and applied it to my cut liberally, he looked at me very strangely and said, "Shouldn't we being putting on neosporin and and a bandaid? Are you sure you don't need's bleeding so much!" 

I looked at him wisely and showed him my cut. In the time since I had applied the turmeric, about 30 seonds, the bleeding had already slowed substantially. Another 30 seconds to a minute and the cut was no longer bleeding at all. I love turmeric! Who knew this herb that I'd only ever thought to cook with before has so many great uses! 

Cool, right!? My kids thought so. I'm getting them into home remedies too! 

9 Remedies to Stop Bleeding

Don't have any turmeric on hand but still need a handy, dandy solution to stop bleeding fast? Read on for some great solutions you can find in your house! 

1. Apply turmeric, either the powder directly or make a paste with some water, to the cut. This is obviously my method of choice, mainly for hte antibacterial and anti inflammatory properties of the turmeric that I think help in more ways than just stopping the bleeding. 

2. Apply ice to the cut. Nice and simple...everyone's got ice!

3. Submerge the cut in a glass of salt water. It'll burn, but it will slow the bleeding. 

4. Press the surface of a piece of glass to the cut for a few minutes. The electro-negatively charged surface activates the clotting process. Be careful though! You don't want another cut to come from your treatment!

5. Put some cayenne pepper on the cut. 

6. Or some cornstarch. 

7. Or flour.

8. Or even tea bags!

9. Wrap the cut area with electric tape. 

Got it? One of these should be available to you and will hopefully save the day!