Creative Ways to Reuse Jade Lilly Packaging: Lip Butter and Lip Shimmer Tubes

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You've used up your Jade Lilly Lip Butter and Lip Shimmer and you need new ones! Hopefully, you planned ahead and ordered more ahead of time so you have it before you are completely out. You go to the trash can to throw away the used up tube...



You can recycle Lip Butter and Lip Shimmer tubes. Lip balm containers are made of #5 plastic. Many other things, such as hummus, yogurt, and take out containers and Brita filters are made with this type of plastic. Whole Foods has a Gimme 5 initiative that accepts #5 plastics in some stores. Check to see if there’s one in your area. Next time you’re heading by the store, drop it off along with any other #5 plastics you might have in your home!


I love reusing things. Gives me a chance to create something without using new materials…and this makes me happy. Here are 2 of my favorite ideas for reusing Lip Butter or Lip Shimmer tubes.

  1. 1. Use it as a secret hiding spot for emergency cash in your purse or bag. No one will guess there is money in there, keeping it safe from sticky fingers (that is, unless those sticky fingers want your Lip Butter!) 

  2. 2. If you have tons of broken crayons around the house, this is a great way to salvage them or even make some more inventive ones! Collect the broken crayons and remove the wrappers. Slowly melt them in a double boiler and carefully pour into cleaned out Lip Butter tube! Allow to cool at room temperature. You now have a twistable crayon made from remnants! You can combine the same color or mix them up to make a rainbow color!You can also use the tube as the mold. Rather than keeping the crayons in the tube, after it has hardened up enough to roll up and pull out, do it and let it continue hardening outside the tube. You can use this method to make crayons with layers of colors...the kids love those! 



Before you can reuse the tube for either of the options above or for another use you thought of (and hopefully shared in the comments below!) you need to clean out the tube. The easiest way to do this is:

  1. Remove any remaining product: Roll your tube up as high as it goes and pull out the part that holds the lip butter. Using a double boiler on LOW heat, gently melt any remaining product and pour it out.

  2. Then use a qtip with a touch of soap on it to clean out any remaining oil and wax. Use a qtip to clean out the part you took out and the lid. Gently boil all three pieces for a couple minutes and allow to dry completely.

  3. If you are making the crayons, put the small piece back into the tube and gently press down until you hear a small click. You can now roll it back down. Do not roll all the way down…you will hear or feel a very small click when it gets to the point you want it to be; there will be room at the bottom; that needs to be there for the tube to work correctly. Now you are ready to fill!

  4. If you are using it as a secret container, you don’t need to put the base back in. Once dry, you can put in your money and be on your way!

Do you have any great ideas for reusing lip butter tubes? Share below! 

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