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Fifteen days, fifteen posts…I’m halfway through this challenge! The “Blog Your Brand Challenge”, hosted by the awesome people at Indie Business Network, has been a fantastic experience so far and I’m looking forward to what the next 15 days will bring.

This challenge has launched me into the world of blogging and I’m learning more and more every day, about what I want to share, what you want to hear, planning and balance and writing. Thank you for staying with me through this journey; I promise the posts are only going to get better.


Over the next two weeks, and as I continue to blog after this challenge is over, I hope to share with you things I learned in the process of creating Jade Lilly and on my journey into a more natural, healthy lifestyle.

Ingredients are very important to me and I choose what goes into my products with a lot of care and intention.  Are you curious what these ingredients bring to your skin? I will be doing a variety of ingredient profiles to share that with you so look out for those!

I get a lot of questions from you, my customers. I am pretty confident that if you have a question, someone else out there has it too. So I will be taking this as an opportunity to answer these questions for you! Want to ask a question? Comment below or message me and I just might feature your question in an upcoming post.

Also look for posts on upcoming new products, information on how to use Jade Lilly products for best results, special offers and giveaways and so much more!

Are you ready? Let’s do it!

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