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There is something so mentally and emotionally satisfying about taking raw materials and creating something new, useful and beautiful with them.

Some may not consider creating bath, body and skin care an art but there is definite creative process involved and I find beauty in it...and that, to me, classifies it as an artistic expression. The careful selection and combination of ingredients, the thought processes behind the recipe, the physical creation of the final product, even the packaging and display…these are all part of the creative process…part of creating something that you can view as a functional product, or if you are like me, as functional art.

My newest expression of creativity is soap. Soap is a very functional, kind of bland item that most don’t give too much thought to; many people would not think to view it as a creative canvas. But, a google image search for handmade soap might make you reconsider. The gorgeous expressions of color, texture, and technique are just stunning and simply cannot be disregarded as a thing of art and the creators of these beautiful pieces as artists.

Soap making is beautiful in concept as well as form...the alchemical process itself is simply incredible to consider and a thing of beauty, history and tradition. It is a creative outlet that takes skill, experience, and lots of imagination, just as sculpting, painting, dancing or any other art form you can think of.

Just as a painter knows which paint, which canvas, and which brush to use to achieve a certain effect, a soap maker must know his or her ingredients and tools to achieve the desired properties and visuals of a soap.  

I can’t paint; I wish I could. I can’t sculpt, draw or dance. But I am an artist, in my heart; I always have been. I feel as though, through skincare formulation and soap making, I may have found an outlet, a way for me to become the artist I am inside. Every day, I'm working on my craft, learning more, creating more, making it better. It's a process and I am thoroughly enjoying every moment of it.

Some of my recent creations are in the picture above. As soap making has taken over my workshop lately, there will be many more coming soon. 

All of my products, soaps included, are vegan (of course) and made with sustainable ingredients (no palm).


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