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Vibrant oranges, reds and yellows are popping up everywhere, the dusk is coming sooner and sooner every day, and there’s a distinct crispness in the air, the first bites of chill weather in the early mornings. Fall has arrived.

With the changing of seasons often comes a change of mindset. We transition from carefree, active summer to a more reflective, restorative season. Late afternoon bbqs are traded in for cozy gatherings by the fire. Bright, fruity drinks are put aside to welcome comforting tastes and smells of apple cider and pumpkin lattes. Changes are also occurring in your skin. The cold, dry air and the chill wind takes its toll. These tips will get you on the right path to healthy, happy and glowing skin through the cold months.



From the sun: 

The sun may not feel as strong in the fall as in summer but it can still do damage to your skin. Don’t skimp on the sun protection. Apply sunscreen to uncovered skin, and wear hats and protective clothing as much as possible.

From dry, cold air:

Lips: Dry, cold air and wind can leave your lips chapped and painfully irritated. Protect your lips with nourishing lip butter (or lip shimmer in a beautiful natural shade). The rich butters will moisturize and protect the delicate skin from the elements, glide on effortlessly, leaving you with silky smooth lips.

Body: Nourishing and beneficial butters can offer substantial protection from the elements. Body Balm sinks in easily, offering deep, long lasting and best of all for this season, an occlusive layer that keeps moisture locked into your skin.

Face: For protection from biting winds, you can use gorgeous scarves to cover up. Fall is a great time to not only protect but rejuvenate. Use skin care rich in antioxidants that can help reverse damage from UV rays that assaulted it all summer. Jade Lilly Face Oils are wonderful for this…they are packed with antioxidant-rich oils and soothing, healing botanicals.


As we go back to pants and long sleeves, it can be easy to forget to moisturize your body. Don’t! The drier air will suck the hydration from your skin, leaving it parched. Moisturize and protect are the mantras for this season. This is not the time to skip it.


After a shower or bath, lock in hydration with Body Oil. Neroli Blossom is the perfect aromatherapy blend of neroli and grapefruit to get you energized and ready for the day. Lavender Dream creates an ambiance of relaxation and restoration; it’s especially wonderful for you bedtime bath or shower. 


Your face will need lots of extra love and attention this time of year as well. You might need to switch up your choice of face oil or use more than normal. A few drops may have worked through the summer but you might need a full pump now. You might also want a few more spritzes more of Neroli Rose Hydrating Mist before you apply your face oil of choice. The combination of Hydrating Mist and Face Oil is even more important now as we transition to fall.


It’s easy to lose track of how much water we’re drinking in the colder weather. We aren’t often as thirsty and the iced tea and lemonade aren’t so often calling us. But it’s still very important to stay hydrated. Make sure your intake doesn’t fall too short.


With dryer skin comes the need to exfoliate. It might seem counter-intuitive to scrub flaky skin, but exfoliating sloughs away the dead skin and stimulates natural oil production that you so badly need. Cleansing Grains are wonderful to gently exfoliate without stripping away your natural oils. Follow exfoliation with Hydrating Mist and Face Oil to completely nourish and hydrate. Don’t forget that your body needs love too. Take some time out for a body scrub and indulge in the silky soft, smooth skin you’ll be left with. 


Fall is a time for restoration and rejuvenation. Nothing says that better than a good mask routine. With the changing season, we often see changes in our skin. You might see some outbreaks or dry patches, or, as your summer tan fades, you may find some discoloration. A great mask of powerful clays, potent botanicals and the ability to customize to your need EVERY time you use it is just what you need. The benefits of the enzymes and brightening clays in the Papaya Pineapple mask will do wonders to bring a new healthy glow to your skin. Turmeric and Kelp Renewing Mask can help you with discoloration. Charcoal Detox Clarifying Mask will aid in alleviating those breakouts…it’s great all over or as a spot treatment.



Though you won’t be rocking flip flops and sandals, you don’t want to neglect your feet. The change in weather and months of being stuck in socks and boots will take a toll. You’ll want to continue exfoliating, nourishing and healing them so when we come back around to sandal weather, your feet look and feel beautiful and healthy. Pure Benefit Intensive Balm is a wonderful addition to your winter skin routine to accomplish this task.


With the longer nights and ambiance of reflection, fall is a great time to set aside some time for you. In fact, schedule it in. The holiday season is fast approaching and with it comes a busy season of holiday parties, family and friends gathering, shopping, and end of year tasks. It’s far too easy to forget when you last applied a mask or to forgo your body oil as you rush off to get things done. But if you mask every Sunday morning, soak every Thursday night and take care of your feet every Tuesday, it’s much less likely you’ll skip. So get those self-care rituals on that calendar! Let the feelings of renewal envelope you and get you ready to embrace the rest of the year with a sense of accomplishment, joy, and enthusiasm for all the amazing things to come.