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We believe in ancient beauty rituals, the potent, pure, raw power of plants, the importance of using safe, natural ingredients, and the beauty and benefit of nature’s abundance.

Jade Lilly products are created using only plant and earth ingredients; pure, raw botanical oils and butters, mineral-rich clays, flowers and herbs infused with time-tested benefits, and carefully distilled essential oils and hydrosols.

We curate ingredients that are raw and unprocessed, totally natural, vegan and sustainable.

Each ingredient is imbued with a multitude of rejuvenating essential nutrients.

By harnessing the natural vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants from raw, unrefined sources, we ensure that the benefit to your skin is substantial, transformative and worthy of your use.

    • AMAZING!

      “This oil is simply amazing! I'm closing in on my 40's and still have terribly oily and acne prone skin. I've tried practically everything you can think of and nothing helps. I saw this product and thought, why not? I am so happy I did!!!! From the very first time I used it, my face felt different. Softer, more balanced and best of all-CLEARER! I pair this with the cleansing grains and it's so much better. It also lasts forever, I've been using it for 6 weeks and still have half the bottle left. Do yourself a favor & get it!"

      RIKKI T.


      “I bought this on a whim and let me tell you I am not disappointed. I am an RN and work with very small very premature babies and I wash my hands sometimes up to 300 times in a !2 hour shift. I am always looking for a holy grail cream to help my sore and cracked hands. This by far exceeded my expectations. The consistency of this balm is utterly amazing so soft and smooth melts on contact and absorbs beautifully. I am a life long customer for sure now. I am so happy with this balm. I used it during my whole shift yesterday and was actually looking forward to washing my hands so that I could apply it and smell it. The LEMON VANILLA smell is just perfectness wrapped in a sensory yumminess. It has just the right amount of everything smell consistency and not greasy per say but moisturizing. Jade Lilly I don't know how you did it but this is perfection. SO glad I tried your line. I am hooked for life. I am a severe migraine sufferer like the whole going to hospital they are so bad and sensitive to smells so I am happy that this smell has not bothered me one bit with any type of headache or anything. GOOD JOB JADE LILLY LOOOOOOOOOOOVE THIS STUFF. All my co-workers as well loved it. Hopefully they will buy some as well."

      MARTINE M.


      "I initially tried the Nourish Face Oil in the gift set. I wanted to try all the products before purchasing larger quantities since I have sensitive skin. I was hooked from the first week using he face oil and the hydrating mist! This is such a great combo. All the "age defying" skin care lines that are loaded with unsafe and harsh ingredients for your skin are no match for this natural oil that helps soften and reduce lines the way nature intended. For my skin, this is perfect after cleansing with the Cleansing Grains at night, followed by the Hydrating Mist, the Nourish Face Oil, and then the Eye Serum. In the morning, I just re-mist and dab another small amount of oil at my "crows feet" and I'm set for the day. I do alternate the scrub and mask once a week in the mornings, but that's what works best for my skin. I knew I made a great choice using Jade Lilly when my boss came for her bi-weekly visit and said how nice and refreshed I looked. It definitely was not due to any RR! I'll be purchasing the gift sets for my boss and my employees this holiday season as their gifts since I'm so happy with my results."

      TONI O.


    Nutrient-rich, highly effective and totally natural.

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