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About Jade Lilly

Jade Lilly creates eco-friendly and ethically conscious skin care with a focus on simple, natural, and vegan whole plant ingredients that are good for your skin and good for the Earth.

Take the minutes you set aside for your skin care routine and transform them into moments of serenity, moments where your mind can be at peace, your senses are engaged by a thoroughly decadent experience, and your soul can breathe freely, in the knowledge that you are feeding your skin the best possible nutrition and you are feeding your soul by doing good for a larger purpose.


I believe there is pure elegance in simplicity, immense value in living ethically, power to feeding your soul and absolutely nothing selfish about taking a moment for yourself.

I want to live in a world where kindness is our currency, natural­ beauty is the best kind of beauty and happiness and health are valued over wealth or power. Where balance is respected, every life, however small or different, cherished, and love our guiding force.

I believe change can be accomplished one person at a time. There is strength in numbers but it always starts with one.

I believe in ancient beauty rituals, the potent, pure, raw power of plants, the importance of using safe, natural ingredients, and the beauty of nature’s abundance.

I believe that eco-friendly, sustainable, and pure are not just buzzwords. They are promises.

I offer you total transparency, honesty, and beauty backed by ethical choices. I promise to make decisions based on efficacy, not fear, to prioritize you and your experience over my bottom line, and to inspire restoration and bliss in your everyday.

I celebrate the person you are, the ever changing, deep feeling, absolutely gorgeous, kick ass rock star. You are the definition of pure perfection. You are the embodiment of unapologetic, honest beauty. You are loved and you matter.

I believe in living the life of your dreams, no holds barred, with passion and compassion, integrity and truth, enthusiasm and intention. Follow your heart…there is no judgement here.

Embrace your free-spirited soul, indulge your desire for decadence, and demand safe and ethical.

You’ve found a home with us…I welcome you with open arms.

Meet the Founder

Hi! I'm Neha Chokshi, momma to two, wife and founder of Jade Lilly, my third baby. Raised on the east coast by my Indian immigrant parents, I learned the ethical and health benefits of vegetarian living, the power of plants, and value of every life, however small, very early on. As a mother, I hope to inspire my own children to make choices that benefit the world, to see the bigger picture and to affect change in a positive manner. I hope, through Jade Lilly, to inspire beautiful, healthy skin with minimal environmental impact, no harm to animals, and an indulgent, decadent experience that you can look forward to everyday.

Jade Lilly Founder Neha ChokshiMy kids were the reason I made my first skin care product. When I made my first body butter, I was just trying to make something that would help my son's eczema. I fell in love with the creative process and the connection to nature I felt. It was an exercise in crafting based in science, utilizing allowed me to feed my inner tree hugging hippie soul and my science driven brain all at once.

It was fun and totally addicting; pretty soon I had a variety of products that I shared with friends and family and I was still constantly playing with more ideas, recipes, and concepts. I hadn't been able to use scented products in ages because I always got headaches, so it was especially exciting to get to experiment with scents. I was thoroughly enjoying my new hobby.

Then it happened; I found a breast lump and the entire vision for my future shifted. I became someone I didn’t recognize; I turned into myself, shutting myself off from anyone for fear of saying the words that haunted me. I needed to occupy my mind while waiting on results. Why was this happening? Could I have done something to avoid it? The more I learned about natural ingredients, the more I craved to know. Creating skin care became my sanctuary. It offered me peaceful moments in which I found the sense of control I so desperately needed. In the end, everything was ok, but it could have gone very differently and that terrifies me.

This experience made me really take a good look at what we were blindly putting in and on our bodies. I reevaluated every product in our home and ended up throwing just about everything away. I felt helpless and insanely guilty that I didn’t know about the potential hazards in my home; I’m the mom, I’m supposed to protect my babies yet I bathed and slathered them in things that could cause harm. I blindly trusted pretty packaging, yummy smells and slick marketing. The frustration and anger toward these companies for knowingly using toxins in products we trust, for marketing them as safe, was overwhelming. The strongest emotion of all was the deep desire to never feel this way again.

Starting Jade Lilly felt like the natural step at that point. Creating a vegan, earth friendly brand with all natural, non toxic ingredients felt so right. My passion for the environment and animal activism is seeded deep in me. I was raised vegetarian and non-violence to any creature is the core of the beliefs I was brought up on. Jade Lilly enables me to take something I love doing and share it with the world, in the hopes of making a difference, however small or large, for those that seek clean beauty products that they can trust to be safe, ethical and healthy. It makes me happy everyday to be able to do this and I look forward to serving you and your family. Thank you for allowing me to share my journey with you.

The Importance of Ingredients

I firmly believe a lot of care and thought should go into the selection of what ingredients go onto your and into your body. I have chosen the purest possible ingredients that I know your skin will love to formulate my products. Skin loving nutrients and vitamins from raw, natural sources help your skin look and feel great while fulfilling your skin's essential needs.

Jade Lilly ingredients come from plants and earth. All natural, raw, vegan and sustainable as well as fairtrade and organic wherever possible. You'll smell the cocoa butter in our body balms, you'll see the rich color of raw oils in our face oils. When the natural vitamins, minerals, antioxidants are retained in the final product, the benefit is substantial.

I am committed to providing safe, ethical skincare without compromise. That means I formulate Jade Lilly products without anything harmful to you, the earth or any living creature.

Jade Lilly products do NOT contain parabens, sulfates, petrochemicals, artificial fragrances or colors, silicones, phthalates, chemical preservatives, or palm oil. Jade Lilly products are also free from any animal ingredients, soy and gluten. We do not test on animals and we only use ingredients that are sustainable.

Jade Lilly Gives Back

10% of all profits will be donated to a portfolio of charities that support our values and mission.

We are also committing to plant a tree for every order from our website.

When we all join together, even small efforts make big things happen.